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Institute of Avionics Engineering "Navigator" is the only Russian developer and manufacturer of airborne navigation and landing equipment providing operation with VOR radial system, distance measurement system DME, goniometric distance-measuring system RSBN, ILS, MLS, GNSS landing systems and ADS-B (1090 ES) surveillance system.

Navigator avionics is installed at Russian airborne vehicles of all types.


The equipment is installed at up-to-date Russian aircrafts: Mi-171A2, Mi-26T2, Ka-62, Ansat, MS-21-300.

Modern avionics

Since 1992 we have been manufacturing new generation of airborne equipment in correspondence with ICAO regulations.

We took all the best experience of Soviet Aviation Engineering School and created advanced equipment.


Our daily work is practical implementation of modern advanced technologies ADS-B (S) and satellite-based landing.

Modern avionics


Wide experience in airborne equipment development and settled corporate culture made it possible for Navigator specialists to create a new generation of navigation and landing equipment and flight control instruments in accordance with all international standards.

Airborne equipment

Areas of activities:

Development, manufacturing, modernization, repair and maintenance services of ATC, navigation, landing, relative navigation, collision prevention equipment and earth proximity warning equipment. Development of integrated airborne equipment, providing all the aforementioned systems functions in one integrated module.

Modernization of airborne equipment in order to fulfill ICAO requirements.


We fly at any weather conditions

The equipment is successfully
functioning on aircrafts that
have analog equipment interface
as well as on up-to-date the
“glass cabin” aircrafts.